A 190km/h fall in the morning saw Broc Parkes' potential limited in qualifying with the Australian forced to use his backup bike during MotoGP qualifying at the Sachsenring.

The PBM rider, who finished 11th at Assen, is racing at the Sachsenring for the first time and the challenging nature of the German venue took some time for Parkes to understand.

"It's my first time here so I've been on the back foot trying to learn the track," said Parkes." The left hand part is really nice to ride but it takes a bit of time to get to know it because it's all blind and you've got to see around the corners so it took me a little bit of time to learn. I crashed my number one bike at the waterfall and I never feel really good on my number two bike so I don't think that we got out of qualifying what we probably deserved. We'll try and improve that bike tomorrow and hopefully we'll be a bit closer."

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His morning crash saw his favoured bike damaged heavily and is unlikely to be repaired in time for tomorrow. When asked about the crash Parkes made a similar admission to many in the past by saying that he had eased off the lap before and the tyre temperature dropped too much:

"I went down at 190 km/h and the front just went and there was nothing that I could do. It felt really fast and it was one of the few times that you think, 'Woah, that was fast!' so it was pretty full on! The Waterfall it's always a bit iffy because you know about it and this morning when I tried the harder tyre I didn't get enough temperature into it and I just lost it.

"I did two fast laps and then slowed for one and went again. I was going really fast on the lap with the crash, probably the fastest that I've been all weekend, and then when I went on the right side the tyre was too cold so I think that I just went too slow on the lap before. With the hard corner if you drop off the pace for two corners it's enough to lose that temperature."

Parkes qualified 22nd out of the 23 riders.