In the ultra-competitive Moto2 class the smallest margins can lead to a rider battling at the back of the field rather than closer to the front.

At the Sachsenring Gino Rea was once again reminded of the fine margins in the intermediate class as he qualified 27th, but just 1.3s from pole, gaining two places during what proved to be a painful race.

"Unfortunately that's the regular story in Moto2 where you're not too far off the pace but it's so competitive that you can be a long way down the field," he said. "In qualifying we made a good improvement from Friday and when I came back and saw that I qualified in 27th but only 1.3s off pole it was frustrating.

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"I was pretty positive though because we had made a good step in qualifying. In the beginning of the race I made a good start and got behind a group of riders with Lowes and West and there was a few areas that I was strong and getting held up and others where I was losing time and having to really push hard. After the first quarter of the race, when the rear tyre dropped, I just couldn't hold the pace."

In addition to the tyre dropping off Rea also struggled with a recurrence of an old shoulder injury that left him struggling through the left hand corners that dominate the Sachsenring:

"The other issue was that with the balance of the bike, with so much weight over the front of the bike, that it absolutely killed my left shoulder. I had a problem with it before and with so many left turns here it cropped up and after a quarter of the race I was barely able to hold on to the left side of the bike.

"That's something that we'll have to look at because I never had this problem last year with the FTR so it's something with my riding position on this bike. We'll look into that and look into keeping my pace for the race because the lap time that I could do with the group was quite good but I just couldn't maintain it for the whole race."

With MotoGP now taking it's summer break and the equipment already being shipped to Indianapolis for the next Grand Prix in August, Rea will have time to try and find the cause of his shoulder issues and he commented that changing his handlebar and body position will be the focus of early attention at Indy.