Gresini Moto3 rider Niccol? Antonelli has undergone surgery after fracturing his right collarbone during some form of 'training accident' on Wednesday.

Surgery was conducted at the Unit of Shoulder Surgery of Cattolica by Dr. Giuseppe Porcellini, who inserted a plate to secure the fragments of the displaced fracture.

"On Wednesday evening, during a training activity, I fell on the ground hitting my right shoulder: the collarbone was broken in three places and I would like to thank a lot Dr. Porcellini, who did a fantastic job making possible to do the surgery immediately," said Antonelli.

"In just three days I will begin to move the shoulder and to make a first rehabilitation. There is still a bit of time before leaving for Indianapolis, so I think that I won't have big problems to ride, though of course at this time I'm not able yet to establish in which physical condition I will be.

"Surely I won't be hundred percent, because usually this kind of injury requires a prognosis much longer, but what is certain is that I'll be there and that I'll do my best".

The incident certainly wasn't Antonelli's first fall of the year, the young Italian failing to finish six of the nine races this year.

The Indianapolis Grand Prix takes place from August 8-10.


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