Marc Marquez's rivals have praised his unbeaten MotoGP season, but want to see it end as soon as possible.

The reigning world champion begins this weekend's Indianapolis round with a perfect nine wins in a row.

While quick to acknowledge the Repsol Honda star's incredible talent and insisting the domination is not boring, most of those quizzed admitted they would like nothing more than to see him beaten ASAP.

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"For Marc it is positive, for us a little bit less!" said Valentino Rossi, runner-up in four of the races this year, of the win streak. "We have to try to beat him before the end of the championship for sure. It is a big domination, he's done great work, but in some way we have to try to beat him - for us and for the championship."

Fellow world champion Nicky Hayden, who will miss this weekend's event due to recent wrist surgery, added:

"Every so often someone comes along and resets the bar. I agree with Valentino - of course it's great what he's doing, but for us we don't want to see one guy win every race because truthfully he's making it look too easy. It's not really the case, so I hope somebody can beat him soon! Make us look at little better."

However Hayden made clear he doesn't think the situation can be described as boring.

"I don't think he's boring at all. If you watch him ride he's really exciting and at this point I think people are tuning in just to see if anybody is going to beat him. I think that's a pretty big story. What he's done has been done in history, but you're going back a long time... But from the rider's point of view I don't want to see it happen!"

Forward Yamaha's Aleix Espargaro agreed. "Like Nicky says everybody wants to beat him, but for sure it is not boring for the people because he's won in the dry, in the wet, starting from the pits, starting from back. Many ways. So it's not boring, but it looks like us other riders are really slow so I think somebody needs to stop this!"

Ducati's Cal Crutchlow also felt the end result should not determine the quality of the racing.

"I don't think Marc is boring on the bike for sure and I don't think it's boring for the television because at the end of the day you still get to see a race and the winner is the guy who crosses the line first," said the Englishman. "Marc has done it in all the races so far and if he continues to do it then he is the best rider. We already know he's the best from being the champion last year, but hopefully he slows down a little because it's getting embarrassing for the rest of the riders!"

Rossi's Movistar Yamaha team-mate Jorge Lorenzo pushed Marquez to the final round of their 2013 title fight but has only provided a victory challenge at Mugello this year, when he came the closest in terms of time to beating Marquez in 2014.

"I've had the opportunity to race with Casey [Stoner], with Dani [Pedrosa], with Valentino and I think Marc at this moment with his bike is even harder to beat," said Lorenzo. "So for me it is a very special and motivating challenge and I'll try my best to beat him."

Crutchlow's team-mate Andrea Dovizioso, second to Marquez at the wet-dry Assen race, expressed admiration for the way that the 21-year-old has redefined the limits.

"I look at Marc from very far, but it is nice to see a rider change the limits. Marc is a big talent as he has shown to everybody, but it is nice to see young riders like this and it means everybody has to work more to try to change our limits."

Marquez starts Indianapolis with a 77-point lead over team-mate Dani Pedrosa and is on course to be crowned champion at Aragon in late September, with four rounds still remaining.

Marquez's victory margin in each of the nine rounds so far can be seen below:

Qatar: 0.259s (over Rossi)
Austin: 4.124s (over Pedrosa)
Argentina: 1.837s (over Pedrosa)
Jerez: 1.431s (over Rossi)
Le Mans: 1.486s (over Rossi)
Mugello: 0.121s (over Lorenzo)
Catalunya: 0.512s (over Rossi)
Assen: 6.714s (over Dovizioso)
Sachsenring: 1.466 (over Pedrosa) Average margin of victory: 1.994s


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Yes of course, the Repsol Honda is the best bike on the grid.
As such though, everyone wants to ride it so the team can be really selective and choose the best.
They chose MM.
The best rider on the best bike - surprise surprise, wins.
It has always been so. Probably always will be.

The factory honda's on a honda track can't be beaten unless they screw it up themselves. The advantage honda has, at the moment is too big and MM and DP can use it to their advantage: only Lorenzo or Rossi can get near, the rest can only target a podium. MM and DP are light and good riders, but the bike and the factory engineering staff, that come with it, really make the difference. MM and DP would not be where they're now on a factory yamaha. until then the MM fanboys can dance in their tight black 93 underwear instead. enjoy it while it lasts...