Silverstone wanted to keep the British MotoGP beyond 2014, but 'the event is not sustainable at the fee level Dorna was proposing'.

Those are the words of circuit managing director Richard Phillips, following the announcement that the proposed Circuit of Wales has agreed a five-year MotoGP deal from 2015.

"We have expressed our desire to keep MotoGP at Silverstone, but the event is not sustainable at the fee level Dorna was proposing," Phillips said. "Any future deal had to make economic sense and sadly we reached an impasse. The Circuit of Wales obviously believes it can make the finances work."

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The yet-to-be-built Welsh circuit has revealed that 'an alternative British venue' could be found for next year's event, with the new track aiming to make its MotoGP debut in 2016.

But Phillip's believes it will take until 2017 to complete the project and hopes MotoGP will remain at Silverstone at least until then.

"Should the Circuit of Wales project be successful, it is unlikely that it will be ready before 2017," he declared. "A venue for 2015 needs to be agreed as soon as possible to avoid having a negative impact on the success of next year's British Grand Prix.

"Silverstone remains the ideal venue to stage MotoGP; last year's record crowds are testament to the excellent British Grand Prix experience provided by Silverstone."

Silverstone took over the British MotoGP from Donington Park in 2010.


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Once again, it all comes down to the greed of Dorna.
The last time I went to the Silverstone MotoGP race, I baulked at the frankly ridiculous £85 basic entry fee.
Yet the economics are simple - Silverstone has to pay £5 million to Dorna to host the event. If they get 80,000 spectators, that means each spectator is paying £62.50 to cover the Dorna hosting fee.
Only if the circuit gets a massive crowd can they realistically make money on the event and if the crowd is thin then they end up losing. You can hardly blame Silverstone for refusing to continue to pay these crazy fee levels.
So Dorna then bring COW into the picture. COW has absolutely no chance of making any money either but they can't see that yet and the loss would probably end up being picked up by the good old taxpayer.
But Dorna are in a fix - they are contractually obligated with BT Sport to ensure there is a British GP in 2015. Silverstone & Donington should offer to host but at no cost whatsoever.