It's a discussion already underway on our Facebook page, but which circuit would you like to see host the British MotoGP?

On Wednesday it was announced that the proposed Circuit of Wales has signed a five year agreement with Dorna, with the option of a further five year extension, from 2015.

The deal is set to bring an end to Silverstone hosting the event, the Northamptonshire circuit having taken over the British MotoGP rights from Donington Park in 2010.

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But where would you most like the event to be held - should it stay at Silverstone, move to Wales, go back to Donington? Maybe somewhere like Brands Hatch would be your dream destination?

With the Circuit of Wales admitting an alternative British venue will be needed for the 2015 round, it's certainly a relevant question.

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A re-developed Cadwell park - complete with Mountain!

It could only be Silverstone or Donington because they are the only two circuits up to FIM standards.
Brands would be great but it isn't a question of money - they don't own the land at critical points to enable run-off zones to be established and there are houses in the way.
My preference is Donington being more central and a better viewing experience. But at the same time the facilities are crap and the access is poor.
Most countries have one or at most two main circuits and all the investment goes into them. That's why I'm opposed to Circuit of Wales - it simply further spreads the limited funds available.
It's better to have one world-class venue than several average ones.


Donington. But only if they use this as an incentive to restore all the infield area and do something about the sight lines. And especially find ways for the crowd to get closer to the track while still being safe.

Can we also please return to the french style anarchy in the "noisy" campground of the late 90s WSB. And maybe get some stripping slappers in to join the Toseland and Witham bands for the sat night party in the hangers.