Alvaro Bautista's mid-season MotoGP misery continued at Brno on Friday.

The Spaniard, who has not finished higher than seventh since a podium at Le Mans in May, was 15th fastest in the dry session and only 18th in the wet.

"Here we have the same situation of Indianapolis: we have zero feeling from the rear tyre, and due to this I'm struggling also with the front end; I cannot enter the corner as fast as I want, the rear is sliding everytime," said Bautista.

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"This situation is frustrating because I really can't do anything: I simply can't ride. During the second free practice session, we had the same problems in the wet.

"This afternoon we wanted to test some set-up adjustments for dry conditions, but it was impossible, so today was a disaster. We will try to work on the suspension setting tomorrow, in order to find something which can help us".

Once again ahead of Bautista was his rookie Open class team-mate Scott Redding, expected to take over Bautista's RC213V in 2015. The Briton was 13th in the dry and 11th in the wet, a session that marked his MotoGP debut in full wet conditions.

"I'm happy with this morning's free practice session on the dry, because this is a difficult track for me and also for Honda I think, but actually I felt immediately pretty good. I used the same tyres all the session and I made my fastest lap on the last run, and this is also very good.

"Finally in the afternoon I had the opportunity to test the bike in full rain conditions: I was a bit nervous and also a bit scared, let me say... However, actually it was not bad, and confidence came quite quickly. This is good because now we have some data and we can work a little bit more on the setting for wet conditions.

"It was the first time for me with full wet and I think it was not bad because I was again the fastest Open Honda, like in the dry. Tomorrow I would like to close a little bit the gap to the group of bikes in front of me, because there is still a big gap, even if it will be difficult because on this track you need power in a lot of places".

Unlike the other Honda MotoGP riders, Redding and Bautista use Showa (instead of Ohlins) suspension.


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No Go & No Fun

Maybe Bautista would have more 'feel' on the open Honda.
Redding & Bautista should swop bikes immediately & for the rest of the season.
Right now it's a crying waste of an RC213V.

DI43LO - I don't buy this at all.
Bautista was much quicker, on the same suspension, in the earlier part of the season. Gresini has been using Showa suspension for a couple of years now - it may not be regarded as quite the equal of the Ohlins kit but it is not far off.
The real issue here I think is Bautista has a confidence problem. Knowing his ride was under threat he has been pushing too hard (& crashing) just getting into a viscious circle. Now Gresini has effectively confirmed that the works bike goes to Redding next year this will only further worsen Bautista's confidence.
P.S. You blame the Yamaha for Spies' problems. At least in the case of Laguna Spies had crashed heavily in the previous session & damaged the swingarm (which his crew had not noticed). So was it the bike at fault or Spies for having binned it?