Bridgestone may be withdrawing from MotoGP at the end of next year, but development continues apace with the debut of an asymmetric front tyre during Monday's Brno test.

While asymmetric rear tyres play a regular role in the company's control tyre allocation, until now the front tyres have remained symmetric - the same compound on either side.

"We offered our new asymmetric front slick to all riders to evaluate at Brno, and some riders took the opportunity to test these and provide us with feedback," said Bridgestone's tyre development manager Shinji Aoki.

"Although the Brno circuit is quite balanced in terms of layout and isn't a circuit where an asymmetric front slick would be offered, we wanted riders to test the braking stability, as well as the transition while cornering of this new development."

Asymmetric front tyres have notably been proposed as a solution to the frequent incidents at Sachsenring's Waterfall corner, venue for July's German Grand Prix.

However Aoki revealed that the new tyre will make its race debut at two other circuits later this season.

"Overall the reaction to this tyre is that it will work very well at circuits like Phillip Island which have a big difference in the number of right and left corners, so we will be bringing this new front slick to the Phillip Island and Valencia rounds this year as part of our tyre allocation, which we feel will improve safety levels for the riders to an even higher level."