Bradley Smith is 'excited' by the proposed Circuit of Wales and hopes it can replicate Spanish success in terms of developing young racing talent.

The ?280 million project aims to become a purpose-built hub for the British motorsport industry, with a focus on youth employment, education plus a race academy and training facility based around a world class circuit.

A contract has been signed to host the British MotoGP from 2015. However with building yet to begin an alternative venue is being sought for next season's event, with Wales then intending to make its MotoGP debut in 2016.

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"I think as a project it's great to see that kind of motorsport facility being built here. To have everything in-house that they are planning to do," said Smith. "I've only had a brief look at it but I'm very excited. It's something that I've wanted to see inside the UK for a long time. Catalunya has two or three of these projects for everyone to use and right now the best riders come from that area.

"We won't see the initial benefits of it, if everything is built, in 2016. You've got to have a multi-year project leading on from that. So I hope it's going to be beneficial and I hope that there will be money to spend after the project is done to bring young talent through and to make sure people actually using the facilities. I'd hate to see them going to waste. But I'm very pleased that something like that is being built in the UK."

Smith will be on track for Monster Yamaha Tech 3 in front of the British fans in this weekend's Silverstone MotoGP.