Bradley Smith has hailed his fourth place in opening practice for the British MotoGP at Silverstone as a 'great start' to the weekend.

Smith posted a time of 2m 03.070s to finish ninth tenths of a second behind Marc Marquez and the top Yamaha rider on the Monster Tech 3 M1.

The British prospect is searching for a compromise to counteract the bumpy surface at Silverstone, which Cal Crutchlow described as being like a 'motocross track'.

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Smith said: "I wouldn't say it's that bad, but it is quite bumpy. The wind didn't affect me that much today and the biggest issue was the bumps; it's about making the front copy the bumps rather than bouncing about over the top of them.

"It's such a long lap that you have to try and be consistent and stay smooth. I felt more confident and more comfortable out there than last year and from the first lap I felt a lot happier," he added.

"Some of the Yamaha guys didn't put new tyres in so they will extract a bit more from the lap time tomorrow."

Five of the top ten riders in FP2 were Open class competitors and Smith feels the current rules need to be reassessed ahead of 2015.

"They will have an advantage and it's something we need to look into as riders and as a championship," he said.

"I think we will have to look at the rules and maybe not give them so much of an advantage in these situations. There will be more competitive bikes going to more competitive riders next year and with Ducati improving their bike as much as they've done so far, then we need to look at things.

"If you give a factory bike softer tyres and more fuel then it will be a lethal weapon. We can discuss this in the Safety Commission and bring it up and also discuss it in our own team; as riders we do have a voice and we need to find the best compromise."