Cal Crutchlow finished day one at his home British MotoGP in 14th place after again struggling to switch from his preferred riding style to one that better suits the Ducati.

The Englishman, who withdrew from the recent Brno round after tweaking his shoulder while trying to keep control in the gravel, said:

"I wish I could say it was my shoulder but I can't! My shoulder felt quite good and the first few laps of free practice this morning I was happy enough but then it got worse from there. The more I tried to push, the more the bike doesn't go around the track because of my style.

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"I haven't changed my style enough in the first two practice sessions to ride more like the Ducati [needs to be ridden]. So I have no grip from the tyres and a lot of floating around in the corner.

"In the Misano test earlier this week we went quite well and I was quite happy. We had a lot better lean angle than usual and we've turned up here and I'm unable to make the lean angle again, in the space of four days. Maybe I'll find it in my pocket or something!"

Crutchlow, whose best lap was 1.9s behind pace setter Marc Marquez and one-second from Ducati team-mate Andrea Dovizioso, added:

"I'll try and ride more like the Ducati wants tomorrow. I've ridden for a different manufacturer [Yamaha] for three years and how I remember the track is how I was riding last year.

"At Misano it took me 10-15 laps to start riding more like a Ducati, but here we haven't got 10-15 laps. You have to push immediately and your natural instinct is to go back to old habits and ride how you rode last time. Or how you went fast before. Which isn't necessarily how to go fast with this bike.

"So I need to change but I believe we can improve the settings of the bike as well because I think the front of the bike is too high."

Crutchlow also feels that the Yamaha riders Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi - also outside of the top ten on Friday - could be suffering from similar problems, albeit caused by struggling to adapt their style to the new tyres.

"The [Yamaha] guys outside the top ten here are riding how they rode last year and it isn't working with the tyres at the moment. For me, if I can improve to how Dovi and Iannone are riding we'll be quicker."

Summing up the Ducati style, Crutchlow explained: "You need to brake as late as possible, not have so much corner speed, but be able to spin the bike on the exit. But doing that is very different to what I'm use to [at Yamaha] which is braking early and just throwing the bike into the corner. And having grip to go around the corner.

"The Ducati has improved significantly even since I first rode it. Corner entry is a lot better for example. But my problem is not so much the corner entry, it's the middle of the corner and the exit.

"I'm struggling with my style to get around the corner but the more laps I do, normally the faster I get."