With Scott Redding chasing a Factory Honda for 2015 the Englishman continued to illustrate why he feels that he deserves to upgrade his machinery by outqualifying team-mate Alvaro Bautista at Silverstone.

Redding has been strong all weekend but claiming the important scalp of Factory Honda was clearly a boost to the 21 year old who surprised himself with his pace in qualifying.

"It was another good day today and I felt quite good even on the harder tyre I felt quite good," said Redding. "This afternoon in the qualifying it got better and I made one laptime, 2m02.6s and it was already a good time and I went into Q2 and I made a 2m02.1s at first I thought that I had read it wrong!

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"To make a time like this qualifying is good and I was definitely pushing to the limit at 110% and I think that I've actually got more and more confidence on the bike this weekend. I've said in the past that I've got to try and ride it closer to the limit but I'm getting closer to that limit and getting more comfortable."

Getting comfortable with his bike and adapting his riding style to suit the demands of Silverstone, a track that should see the Open Honda's struggle, has meant that Redding has adapted his style but last year's Moto2 race winner also admitted that he is getting a boost coming from racing at home:

"I've had the rear stepping out a lot this weekend which is strange because it's not something that I usually like to do but I'm starting to get comfortable with it. It's having that last bit of push of being at your home GP that gives you an extra bit of courage in those situations so you learn so much."

While practice and qualifying has seen Redding consistently close to the pace of the Factory bikes tomorrow's 22 lap race will be a different story with Redding admitting that one the challenge with the Open bikes is to balance the drop off in tyre life and performance throughout a race

When asked if he would be able to battle with the Factory riders tomorrow Redding said:

"Maybe not for 22 laps but maybe for the first ten [I can]. I'll have to make a decision of do I go and push and make some positions and drop back later or do I stay where I am and keep banging away and trying to stay close. I've got to be the first Open Honda and if I can maybe beat Alvaro or Cal that's also something for us [to aim for]. For sure though the soft tyre will drop off but if I can save the tyre in the beginning maybe I can scrape a good position."