Broc Parkes has struggled throughout the British MotoGP weekend, the Australian unable to comfortably ride the PBM at Silverstone and turn into corners.

Throughout the season Parkes has complained about chatter and turn in problems with one of his chassis, having been much more comfortable with his other bike.

However heavy crashes in recent races have taken their toll on his machinery and at Silverstone he admitted that both bikes have been difficult to ride with his confidence also suffering after the crashes.

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"I've always had one favourable bike but since I crashed it twice it's never really been the same and they're pretty similar now," said Parkes. "I think that maybe I have to get some confidence back too, I've had some big crashes in Germany, Indy, Brno and last weekend so maybe I've lost a little bit of confidence.

"But I haven't felt very comfortable on the bike so it hasn't helped to make a one off lap but I felt better and I'm hoping that tomorrow we can be stronger."

Tomorrow's 22 lap race was always likely to be one of the most challenging on the calendar for PBM with the long straights and high speeds at the British circuit emphasising the deficiencies of the 'CRT' machinery at the teams disposal. However Parkes is confident that some steps can be made to help him fight tomorrow:

"I think that we've got a good direction and we made a big step from yesterday and we're a lot closer now and I think that for the race I can battle at the back. Michael seems to have good pace this weekend so it'll be tough to hang with him but I'll do everything to battle with them again and if I can find half a second I can be with them."