Having lost the British MotoGP contract to the Circuit of Wales, Silverstone has now been overlooked as a stand-in venue for next season's round.

With the ambitious new Welsh project not ready to host the 2015 event, a single-year extension at Silverstone was widely predicted. Instead the Circuit of Wales has reached an agreement with Donington Park, which held the British MotoGP from 1987-2009.

Reacting to the news, Richard Phillips, managing director of Silverstone Circuits Limited, said: "We have invested heavily in the circuit and facilities here at Silverstone, specifically to host MotoGP, and have developed the British Grand Prix into a highly successful event. We wanted to keep MotoGP at Silverstone, but cannot afford to subsidise it. We are extremely disappointed not to be hosting the event in 2015.

"Any future deal, with Dorna or The Circuit of Wales, had to make economic sense for all parties, including us. We know from experience what it takes to run a high quality British Grand Prix. We made what we considered to be the maximum sensible offer to retain the event at Silverstone, but it seems that The Circuit of Wales, who have no experience of running a Grand Prix, have concluded they can do better running it themselves, using Donington until their circuit is ready.

"Silverstone has taken the event to a whole new level over the last five years, so we hope this won't turn out to be a backwards step for the British Grand Prix, teams and fans. The Circuit of Wales evidently believe they can make the finances work using Donington next year - we wish them the best of luck."

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Silverstone are basically saying that COW don't have a clue about the financial realities of running an event like this.
They are probably right.
But what they don't understand is that they are dealing with Wales and the Taffia. The money will come from the Welsh Government via some route which means ultimately the good ol' tax-payer picking up the tab.
Silverstone wouldn't ever get such support but the rules are totally different in Wales.

I'm with the majority here and entirely happy to sit on a grassy bank and wander around to see what is going on (& I'm no spring chicken).
I don't want to be paying VIP prices of upwards of £85 in order to do that.
A couple of years back I went to the last MotoGP event at Estoril and it cost €10.50 to get in!

At the end of the day if you charge VIP prices then you should expect VIP treatment and facilities to match. Rip-off Britain is alive & well.