It has been a baptism of fire for Leon Camier in his appearances for Aspar in MotoGP but the Englishman's adaptation to the class has impressed the paddock.

Friday's wet practice sessions at Misano however left the former British Superbike champion struggling in the initial laps before finding his feet as the day progressed.

"It was a bit scary in the beginning! Last time I rode here I didn't even make a lap and I fell off on the sighting lap, that's how slippery it was. Coming here on this bike there wasn't good grip so I only did a couple of laps this morning. There was a difference with the soft, not a massive step but enough that you could ride around and get a feeling for things.

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"It was just a matter of time out there and I was knocking big chunks of time in the session and I was starting to enjoy riding in the wet but coming from where I've been with Pirelli's I'm scared out there! In 2012 I was normally top three and usually quickest in the wet but when they changed to the 17" I couldn't ride them so it's taking time to get my confidence back in the wet and I was starting to enjoy it today. It was coming more and more with every lap and I want more time in those conditions for sure."

Misano is used throughout the year for both car and motorcyle races with Italian national championship rounds taking place at the circuit. The constant racing and testing of cars has left a layer of rubber on the track surface. This rubber caused most of the problems today for the riders with a sudden lack of grip in the braking zone once they touch the rubber:

"I think that there's so much rubber down from the cars, you can see it because it's so black, and there's not a lot of places where it's not there. Some corners there's grip, where it's a flat corner where the cars can't put down so much rubber but once it's a corner where they can put some force down on the track it just leaves rubber everywhere and there was no grip at all. Some corners the grip wasn't bad but at others there was nothing."

Last time out at his home Silverstone Grand Prix, Camier struggled with setup problems and this weekend his plan is to go back to the basic setups used at Indianapolis and Brno before adapting them to Misano:

"We've gone back to basics with the setup from Silverstone because we knew that we'd made some mistakes there. It was frustrating because everyone wanted a strong weekend but sometimes that enthusiasm can cause problems. In the first session I struggled with cold tyres and not knowing to go out and push hard to keep the temperature in the tyres and we struggled thinking that we needed to change the bike to make it work but what we needed to do was leave it."

Camier's performances have opened numerous doors for the Englishman and an appearance at last weekend's Jerez round of the World Superbike championship saw him in discussions with numerous teams in that paddock.

For the moment however his main objective is to remain in MotoGP for 2015, but this will only happen if Camier feels that he can ride a competitive bike:

"There's talks this weekend but if I don't get something that I want here I'll be looking at WSBK. I was at Jerez and trying to understand what's good in WSBK. There's some interesting things there that I'm really interested in and if I can find something here that I think can be competitive then I'll stay here but otherwise I'll look at WSBK."

Camier is replacing the injured Nicky Hayden, who hopes to return next time at Aragon. Hayden has a 2015 Aspar contract, but the team's second rider is yet to be announced.