Michael Laverty was left somewhat disappointed with his pace, despite a reasonable 17th on the PBM in wet practice ahead of Sunday's San Marino MotoGP.

The Irishman usually excels in the wet conditions and runs much more competitively than the usual performances of his PBM machinery.

At Misano however with a greasy track surface feeling like ice, Laverty struggled for most of the day to find the confidence required to push hard in the difficult conditions.

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Speaking to Crash.net, the 33 year old said:

"It was ok but not as good as we normally go in the rain. I think that the slippery conditions were hurting us, they were hurting everybody, and normally I can get good feeling from my bike in the rain but today I felt like everybody else and I had to tip toe around. The only way to get the thing working was to get aggressive with it and generate the heat into the tyres but to do that you had to push through the danger zone where there was a big risk to crash.

"In the last few laps I did take a bit more of a risk but I didn't want to crash today, because it looks like it will be dry the rest of the weekend. I pushed through the barrier a little bit and had a few moments but then got some feedback so it was a double edged sword and you couldn't ride your normal lines. With the Bridgestone wets you can usually be very aggressive but today was so funny and it was the worst that I've had with the wet since I came into MotoGP."

Having raced in British Superbikes, Laverty commented that he could call on some experiences in the past that were similar to Misano. However he also said that today was arguably the most challenging conditions that he has faced in his career:

"It was so slick out there today and caught out so many riders and I just wanted to try and stay upright and thread carefully. I've experienced it as bad as this before in BSB, at Silverstone on the old surface, so I've had experiences of this kind of sensation but this was probably the worst that I've felt for front movement.

"Under upright braking on the front you had no idea how much grip you would have and trail braking you could feel the front twitching under you and it was a bizarre feeling. I don't know if the cars have been here an decked out the racing line but it was a very strange feeling today."

The decision of Bridgestone to initially allocate only two sets of soft wet weather tyres for each rider was criticised by the majority of the field and attributed to causing a lot of the crashes in the opening sessions.

"The allocation was two softs for the weekend and six hards so Bridgestone were thinking that it would be the hard wet for the weekend so we started with the hard because that's what they expected us to use. Quickly though we saw that the soft was the better tyre so for the afternoon they switched the allocation. To be honest though it didn't make a big difference because it wasn't as if when you put in the soft tyre you suddenly though, 'Wow, there's lots more grip," it still felt vague with sudden sharp movements on either end."

With dry weather expected for the remainder of the weekend it is unlikely that the teams will be forced to use the wet weather tyres again and the value of running today was somewhat undermined by the weather forecast and unique nature of the Misano track surface.