The Grand Prix Commission has announced that the MotoGP machine minimum weight limit will be reduced to by 2kg from to 158 kg for 2015. "It was also agreed that this matter would be reviewed during 2015 to consider the possibility of a further reduction of 2 kg for 2016."

The Commission also announced that, ahead of the mandatory control ECU for 2016, manufacturers have agreed to cease development of their own bespoke software on 30th. June 2015.

"After that date manufacturers will not be permitted to update their software except for minor bug fixes that might affect safety.

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"From 1 July 2015 current manufacturers will switch their development programme to the 2016 unified software. It is the intention that this software will be based largely on the current software used by the open category machines.

"Manufacturers not currently participating may continue to use and develop their own software throughout 2015 but may also be invited to participate in the development of the unified software."