Pit Beirer, KTM's head of motorsport, has confirmed that the Austrian manufacturer will enter MotoGP in 2017

Beirer told MotoGP.com, "We had plans to go first to Moto2 somehow and grow maybe in smaller steps, but it doesn't make a lot of sense to build a KTM with a Honda engine inside so it would never be a real KTM.

"So we decided to make the big jump and go into MotoGP. We are already very busy with this and we are trying everything to get ready for 2017."

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Former Motocross Grand Prix star Beirer added that the MotoGP bike is likely to be powered by a V4 engine, use a tubular steel frame and WP suspension. The machine is due to start testing towards the end of next year.

A regular contender in the smaller grand prix classes since its 2003 debut, KTM's only previous premier-class involvement was an ill-fated engine partnership with Team Roberts in 2005.

KTM - currently battling to defend its perfect Moto3 title record - will join Honda, Yamaha, Ducati, Suzuki and Aprilia as an official MotoGP manufacturer.

MotoGP will introduce a mandatory control ECU and change from Bridgestone to Michelin tyres in 2016.


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Here in the USA, KTM is a dirt bike shop. The have the adventure bike and supermoto bike. The RC8 sits gathering dust at the dealer unless they find someone who wants different.

I think the RC8 can help them develop the motor for the Dakar bikes. Moto3 helps with the dirt bike motors. But I don't see KTM street bikes around much.

I think the RC16 will be a track bike here in the USA. Who are the competitors for that?

Always good news about another company becoming involved but KTM has a history of bouncing in and out of racing. The Proton KTM of 2005 was a disaster.
I hope this time KTM come with a committed & long-term attitude and a product that is up-to-spec, with sufficient resourcing behind it. I'm sure Red Bull will be heavily involved.

TalentFan: ........ KTM have already seen Honda's back room political might in Moto3 with the rpm reduction that hits KTM, but aids Honda.[\blockquote]

Yep, and it will continue. Revs drop in 2015 to 13,500 in Moto3 - which suits Honda as their motor has a smaller bore and larger stroke than the KTM.