Chaz Davies says he is 'totally behind' the new Circuit of Wales venue, saying it will introduce the world-class facilities he feels is currently lacking in the British motorsport industry.

The venue, which will be located in the Ebbw Vale region of south Wales, made headlines last month after being announced as the new home for the British MotoGP event in place of Silverstone.

However, having been forced to defer hosting duties until 2016 whilst the planned state-of-the-art venue is constructed - with Donington Park taking on the British GP mantle in the meantime -, the move to award the event to a circuit that hasn't been built yet has been met with controversy and scepticism that it will indeed go ahead.

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Nonetheless, the project has received the full support of Wales' leading performer Davies, who is convinced the hurdles the bid has already overcome is testament to its commitment to not only bring an international event to the region but to give the UK the world-class motorsport base he feels it doesn't have at the moment.

"I've been chatting with a couple of the guys involved since the idea was first announced and I speak to them reasonably regularly to get updates on it," the WSBK race winner told "They're definitely up against it and it's a difficult road but you can see the commitment because what they've already done and the hoops that they've jumped through are never ending.

"That's a testament to how much they want it to happen and how behind it they are. It's gone a very long way already and I'm obviously fully behind it. It's only half an hour down the road from my house and it would be a true home race for me.

"I think that some people have questioned the need for it because we have Silverstone and Donington Park but there's no true world class bike facility in the UK."

Indeed, Davies says he is excited about the plans for the venue, which he says will do more than simply attract MotoGP to the region, adding there are hints of Laguna Seca and Portimao in its approach.

"A bike race track should be somewhere like a modern version of Laguna Seca filled with ups and downs and stuck on a hillside! A place like Portimao as well. The good thing that I see about the Circuit of Wales is the development programmes and the technical facilities that they'll have on site. There's so much more to it than just a race track.

"I'm totally behind it and I think it is needed but I also think that there is, without a doubt, a need for a strong development programme in the UK because if you want to ride Flat Track in the UK you have to look very hard to find somewhere. There's no schools set up for it and stuff like that is all good training for modern race tracks."


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Silverstone is a car circuit.
So you put the money into improving Donington - a circuit that is already there, FIM approved, and centrally located.
It's hard enough for circuits to make money nowadays - spreading the potential revenue ever more thinly makes things worse not better.
Dorna are playing COW off against the other tracks so they can extract ever more from the race-going public. Your money is being siphoned off to pay for VC vultures and Canadian Teachers' pensions, not circulating & going back into racing.
COW would be a white elephant and a long-term drain on the tax payer for little tangible benefit, but frankly it isn't at all likely to happen anyway.
Davies is right in that the UK needs a world class bike facility but that isn't COW.