With his return to Marc VDS for MotoGP 2015 now all but confirmed, Scott Redding is keen to once again focus purely on racing. However the Englishman has struggled at Aragon to adapt his Open Honda to the challenging circuit.

Redding has had significant issues with rear grip and top speed all weekend and could only qualify 16th and was half a second off the pace of the leading Open Honda, Hiroshi Aoyama. When asked to what was causing his problems from this weekend Redding said:

"I don't know to be honest, we keep playing with the suspension setup and some other things but we keep going back to the original base setup," said Redding. "We've got the front feeling back, after struggling with it in Misano, but it's still not the best for me. I'm also struggling with rear grip and top speed because I'm 10kmp/h slower compared to Hiroshi.

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"We'll need to see tomorrow if we can find something and there might be rain. We've just got to keep working in the direction that we've been working in. We've tried different things but they keep making it worse. In FP4 we tried two things and both times it was completely bad so we'll work in the direction that we have been."

Losing time on the straights to Aoyama should come as no surprise, the Japanese rider is much smaller than Redding and is generally the fastest Open Honda in a straight line. But for Redding to lose so much time on the straights there are clearly other factors at play.

The straights at Aragon come after slow speed corners and Redding feels that exiting these corners his lack of rear grip is a factor in his problems.

"With the slower corner onto the straight I'm losing time but even from turn 10 into 11 I'm losing time to him. I think that it's to do with the tyres and maybe he's got a bit more rear grip and can push a bit more. I need some rear grip and maybe to have more a more agile bike turning. I always have to close the corner early and can't go to the limit."

With Marc VDS having announced their promotion to the premier-class and return of Redding following the San Marino Grand Prix, the Englishman said that the details of his deal are still to be confirmed. However he is also clearly pleased to be able to focus on riding the bike rather than worrying about his future:

"It's still not 100% confirmed but I need to be focusing on my results because I'm not happy with where I am and Misano was a disaster. I didn't have a great weekend but in the race I did well and had a problem with the bike. Here the bike is good and I'm almost there but I'm not where I want to be. I need to forget everything else and focus on my job."