MotoGP star Valentino Rossi has discharged himself from hospital and returned to the Aragon circuit.

Rossi was sent for precautionary scans after a heavy accident early in Sunday's race, during which the Italian suffered 'concussion with a suspected loss of consciousness'.

In a Sunday evening update, Clinica Mobile Medical Director Michele Zasa said: "Valentino is progressing very well. In Alcaniz the CT scan was negative and although the local doctor wanted to keep him at the hospital overnight, Valentino discharged himself.

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"Now he's in his motorhome relaxing, and in any case the Clinica Mobile is keeping him under observation for the whole night. From a neurological point of view he has fully recovered and at the moment he's fine so we'll keep on taking care of him overnight and hopefully by tomorrow morning everything is going to be ok."

Rossi fell after running wide on a downhill section, almost clipping third place Dani Pedrosa before highsiding as he crossed astroturf on the edge of the race track. The incident is sure to raise questions about the use of low grip astroturf, which meant Rossi lost control before reaching the asphalt run-off area.

Pedrosa crashed later in the race and Rossi is now battling both the Honda rider and Aragon winning Yamaha team-mate Jorge Lorenzo for second in the world championship.

'The Doctor', winner of the previous Misano round, will have two weeks to fully recover before the Japanese MotoGP.


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mmmh, maybe they should replace the astroturf with a meter wide ditch a meter deep instead to make sure that also in dry conditions, people getting of line a little, will also never reach the asphalt...

To be honest I never understood this weird desire to use slippery plastic on the side of a racetrack anyway...It has to go wrong one day and someone will have to break his neck before the decide to use their brains....