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I m sorry if my comments offend you in a way the caused to you reply with useless sarcasm, please, if you can not contribute with a useful comment or answer, then try to refrain yourself from replying at all, as your are wasting my, and every body's time who seek a knowledgeable answer.

thank you.

Vilas46: Its Ok i forgive you.. Now go read somethingh about diferences and Advantages or desavantages of each type of engine configuration you know, insted of speacking bad about inline 4..[\blockquote]

really... its you who is insulting and rude, nowhere in my comment do I insult or condensed... I need not be forgiving for my opinion... no do I except for a novice like you.

a wise man once said "better to be thought a fool, then to open ones mouth and be known as one" hopefully you are smart enough to get that... but then again your comments are all over this board proving it again and again.
btw you may want to use a spell checker as your intelligence or the lack of is showing.

gota be one of the most pointless videos ever fkn slide show lol... and they dint even have gsx-rr there ...

this bike is gona be a back maker for sure, in-line 4... what were they thinking. Suzuki should have enter this as an open class bike

I feel sorry for Vinales, and Espargaro they need a competitive bike.