Double MotoGP world champion Marc Marquez has an unquenchable thirst for more world titles with four already safely tucked away in his trophy cabinet at the age of 21.

Comparisons are already being drawn between Marquez and nine-time world champion Valentino Rossi, who completed the rostrum places behind his Movistar Yamaha team-mate Jorge Lorenzo and Marquez in the Japanese MotoGP at Motegi.

Marquez, who won his first crown in the 125cc class in 2010 before triumphing in the Moto2 class in 2012, will embark on a quest for a third consecutive MotoGP title in 2015 and his fourth world title in a row and seems destined for a long reign at the pinnacle of the sport.

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"I'm happy... maybe I don't understand what I am doing because it is difficult to say or believe you already have two [MotoGP] world titles but of course I want more and more and more!" said the Repsol Honda rider.

"For a rider it is never easy and we need to enjoy this moment and we will see next year; we will look forward to improving our level.

"This year, I feel where we improved more is experience and of trying to manage situations, to ride the bike well. I had less mistakes, but still mistakes, and we can still improve. But we tried to manage every situation better and better and Honda did a great job and gave me a bike or chassis that is more for my riding style.

"I was really focused on pre-season and I was happy and focused to try to manage the situation and with more experience everything was easier," he added.

"When you are riding a circuit, everything is not new and you already have a reference from last year. You already know the secrets to try and do a lap time but like we see from the second part of the season I am still learning and in some situations I still need to improve."

Marquez's preparations for 2014 suffered a major setback when he broke his leg in a dirt bike accident but he has batted away criticism from some quarters of his decision to train on a motocross machine.

"It wasn't an easy start. I made a decision to train on the dirt track and people said I was stupid because I trained on the dirt track, but in the end if you want to improve, if you want to be faster, you need to train, you need to take a risk," he said.

"But I was able to arrive in Qatar and really concentrate and win the first race and that gave me a lot of confidence. After that, I knew that I was stronger at some races and I tried to use that confidence and that small advantage because you never know in the future what might happen."

As part of his title celebrations at Motegi, Marquez was handed a Samurai sword at trackside at the conclusion of the race, which he used to release a balloon. Afterwards, the 21-year-old revealed his admiration for the revered Japanese warriors.

"One month ago I started to design the back of my helmet with my designer because I like the spirit of Samurai," Marquez said. "And then in Aragon my brother [Alex] and Hector [assistant] gave me the idea and in that moment I say, 'I don't want to know anything, if you prepare, I will sit there'.

"When I arrived there my brother was alone which was strange and he explained everything to me. In the end it was nice because they know that I like the Samurais because they are really precise; I'm not really precise but I try to copy them!"


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Motogp.Freak: no pride of being the world champion on the best bike on the grid,, get out of your comfort zone and try inferior machine,, [\blockquote]

What sort of Loonytune comment is this?
Of course the best riders will always get the best bikes to ride.
So you think he should deliberately opt for a poorer bike? Like Rossi did at Ducati? That went well didn't it?

It really comes down to whether the motivation remains in the longer-term.
It's not uncommon that riders who start young and achieve major championships early in their careers can tend to 'burn out' - Freddie Spencer & Stoner are perhaps two examples.
Others like Agostini and Rossi seem motivated to go on forever.
Time will tell where Marquez sits.