With his second successive MotoGP title confirmed, Marc Marquez admits that the remaining three rounds will not carry the same importance for him personally.

But the young Spaniard believes they could now be especially significant for Honda, with the chance to give an early race debut to some 2015 developments.

"These last three races are ok not important for me like the other ones, but maybe for Honda they are more important," Marquez said at Phillip Island on Thursday. "Because now maybe we have the chance to try special things for next year, or try different things, thinking about 2015."

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Marquez was quick to rule out an early debut for the 2015 RC213V - impossible due to the engine freeze regulations, which prevent engine design changes during the racing season.

Use of the 2014 engine with the 2015 chassis is also a non-starter due to the cost of making them fit together. However he hopes some 'options' can be evaluated now that the championship pressure is gone.

"It is not possible to race the 2015 bike because next year the engine changes a little bit and it would [also] be really expensive to adapt the engine we have now to the new [2015] chassis. We already spoke about this at Brno," Marquez explained.

"Just I will try maybe some options, if they will give me something, but if not we will race with our current bike until the end of the year."