Pol Espargaro was left confused by his crash in FP2 at Philip Island and saying that he had no warning before the front folded at the hairpin with the Spaniard comparing the crash to one in wet conditions.

Espargaro was one of several riders to suffer a tumble during practice at Phillip Island, the Tech 3 Yamaha rider attributing blame to the tyres that have given his MotoGP counterparts cause for concern throughout the day.

"This is a problem because when you crash like this you don't know why you crashed and normally it's not your fault or the team's fault," he said. "It looks as though the 32 is too hard, the asymmetric tyre is too hard and the soft tyre is too soft.

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"When we tested soft we couldn't get it to turn and with the 32, the hardest option, we could turn but immediately under braking I crashed and to understand why I crashed is difficult. We'll have to check if it was the tyre or the settings."

"I touched the brake as normal, maybe a little bit harder because I was looking to improve a little bit, but when you have a problem with the tyre you have some movement and you can feel the limit and then crash at the limit but today we didn't arrive at the limit. It was a strange crash, like in wet conditions."

With Bridgestone bringing new tyres to Australia in a bid to avoid the chaos of last year's race, where there was a mandated pit stop to change bikes at half distance, the available options all seem to be flawed for Espargaro with the rookie commenting that each of the three tyres provide difficulties for him

"The hard tyre, the one that I crashed, is the one that I liked most but it's a more dangerous one. If we have to use another tyre it will be the asymmetric, I'm too slow on the soft and I don't like it and I won't use it. So we have a choice between the asymmetric and the 32 but both decisions aren't the safest choice."