Michael Laverty was unable to get his rear tyre up to temperature on the opening day at Philip Island with the Irishman having to ride so conservatively that he "felt like a novice."

With Bridgestone taking a more conservative tyre to Australia in a bid to avoid similar problems to last year's shortened race the CRT bikes are being forced to ride with very hard tyres that proved very difficult to get up to temperature.

"The tyres are much harder so that they'll last and we've always struggled when the temperature is cold and we're just not generating enough heat into the tyre, especially with the rear," said Laverty. "It keeps coming around on the approach to the corner and it's actually quite scary at the moment.

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"We're adjusting things to try and get it to generate tyre temperature because when the Bridgestone guys check the tyre they're saying that we're just not getting it to the operating temperature so it feels like a cold tyre all the time.

"We've had a lot of wheelspin, even on new tyres, and that's been a problem for the last three races and for whatever reason it's worse than it's been for the two years that I've been on this bike. I'm wheel spinning the whole way around and I feel like a novice because I can't get on the gas where I need to because it just goes sideways on me."

With the tyres developed for the Factory bikes, Laverty commented that the more powerful bikes have been able to generate more heat and though his rivals are also suffering with wheelspin and grip issues they can still turn-in with more confidence than what he was able to throughout practice

"They've built the tyre for the Factory bikes and they can keep the roll speed up even though they're spinning it as well but they can turn it whereas we can't. We'll come up with something for tomorrow to improve it but I'm not very comfortable on the bike at the moment and I think that the temperature will be higher tomorrow and today the wind was also cooling the tyre a lot so the weather is a factor. We're not actually that far off pace wise but I'm not comfortable on the bike and I can't pre-empt what it's going to do."