acing incident leaves Kent and Binder frustrated

Danny Kent's mid-season resurgence continued at Philip Island with the Englishman battling at the front of the Moto3 field and looking set for a podium before being the victim of fellow Ajo rider Jack Miller's ambitious pass at the hairpin with two laps remaining.

Speaking to after the incident, Kent's disappointment was clear:

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"It was another strong weekend and we showed that we could run at the front for the full weekend and be strong but it's frustrating in the race to be taken out by your team-mate. It's a part of racing and other than that it's been a strong weekend and we definitely had the pace to be on the podium.

"Jack came up the inside and he took out my front wheel. He went in a bit fast and touched my front wheel and it came up underneath me, there's not a lot that I could do because Binder was up on the outside of me and I was in the middle."

The incident saw Miller try to overtake up the inside and put his KTM into an ever tightening window at the apex of the hairpin with Kent and Binder turning in for corner. Miller was unable to scrub off enough speed and clashed with Kent and the momentum of his bike meant that crashing with Binder was unavoidable.

Afterwards Binder also commented on the crash:

"My team thought that Danny came in too hot but I saw his bike and it looked like someone hit him and then hit me. It's more of a racing incident than anything else. I'm sure today that I would have been on the podium and I just sat in the group for the whole race and with three laps to go I made my move and I was sure that I knew what I needed to do, so I'm pretty bleak but what can you do."

It was a difficult weekend for Binder with the Mahindra rider once again being the victim of numerous mechanical problems before finally getting the machine working correctly for the race:

"The whole weekend has been so up and down because each time the bike has given us problems-the clutch burnt out, we had electronic problem-so this was the first time other than FP2 that the bike went good. I had a good pace in the race and with three laps to go I decided to position myself for the last lap and I took the slipstream a few times.

"Then when I went I tried to make sure that I was in a position to judge the run to the line and I got past Jack before the line so that was my gameplan. Two laps to go I got taken out and it's far from ideal because it's horrible for the team with all the problems that we've had and they deserved the podium for sure."


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Typical home grand prix move - trying to impress too much, rash move and bang.
Is Miller REALLY ready for MotoGP?

No Danny. You took out Binder's front wheel.