Dani Pedrosa arrives in Malaysia keen to put last weekend's Australian Grand Prix behind him after arguably the most challenging race of his season.

In Philip Island Pedrosa looked ill at ease on his Repsol Honda until qualifying before his race ended early after being collected at the rear by Andrea Iannone.

This weekend Pedrosa returns to the scene of a dominant victory last year and he's keen to start working towards making improvements to the bike for next year with a changes planned to try and allow him to set a better pace in the early laps of races.

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Pedrosa has struggled for much of the season to keep pace with the leaders in the early laps before clawing back time as the race progresses.

"The plan is to try and do," said Pedrosa. "We have some ideas but we need to test them and make sure that they work in the right direction and so far we couldn't improve it without losing in other areas but I think that we have an idea that will work well and this is a good track to start building up for next year.

"It's a good track because we do a lot of testing here so we know the performance, more or less, of the tyres and the bike so we know what to expect. This means that we can see the result of the changes faster."
Bridgestone will also bring a new front tyre to this weekend's race and while Pedrosa commented that he used the tyre in testing it was only for one stint so as a result the advantages of his additional experience are quite limited once the action starts tomorrow.

"I don't remember this tyre very well but I know that I did only one run with it but the feeling was not so bad so lets try it tomorrow and see how it performs. I think that it's going to be a good thing because we've been in a situation where we have a good front tyre but need to have it the temperature to be a little harder but the extra hard is too hard so I think that this can be a good option."

Pedrosa also confirmed that he will be promoting Ramon Aurin, his data engineer, to be his new crew chief for 2015.