A fast crash in Saturday morning practice at the Sepang MotoGP saw Michael Laverty forced to use his unfavoured number two bike in qualifying.

While the Ulsterman finished 20th in the Q1 session, feeling somewhat disappointed not to have been closer to Ioda's Danilo Petrucci.

The morning crash happened at turn three when Laverty started to push harder through the fast right hander. Having struggled there throughout the weekend the PBM rider decided to be more aggressive through the corner in an effort to mimic what other riders can do, before the bike bit back:

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"I've been enjoying riding the bike and I was able to start pushing on it and I felt comfortable in FP3 and the lap times were starting to come pretty good," said Laverty. "I didn't feel that I was taking many chances but unfortunately I got caught out and down I went at turn three. It's a fast corner and the rear got away from me and I lost both wheels together."

Losing his preferred bike for qualifying however left him hamstrung and he couldn't regain his confidence from FP3 due to the handling characteristics of his backup bike with a lack of grip leaving him struggling in Sector 3.

"Unfortunately I lost my number one bike for qualifying and I had to ride my spare bike in qualifying and we had a little bit of an issue in it in FP4 that we couldn't fix and I felt a little bit hindered in qualifying. I couldn't get back down to my times from this morning and I didn't feel that I could push the spare bike as hard so we'll have a look at that tonight and try and get everything ready for tomorrow.

"Our race pace has been good this weekend and we didn't lose out too much today in terms of grid position, I think that I could have been ahead of Petrucci if I had my number one bike, so it's not a disaster and hopefully we can get the bike back to how it felt this morning for the race tomorrow.

"Grip has been the talking point for us for the last four races and edge grip is an issue again this weekend. We're really good in the last sector, the hard braking and picking it up on the way out, but the bike isn't quite nimble enough in the third sector and we're getting a lot of wheelspin there.

"We're not a million miles off though so hopefully we can beat Petrucci tomorrow. I'm looking forward to the race but it's going to be a tough one for 20 laps in this heat."