Dani Pedrosa was at a loss to explain his two crashes during the Malaysian MotoGP, which ended his hopes of finishing second in the championship standings.

Pedrosa was holding second place when he came off on lap two but remounted and had climbed to 11th place when the Repsol Honda rider fell for a second time.

"Basically in the first one I didn't understand what I did wrong, it was the second lap and I wasn't really pushing," Pedrosa said.

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"When Lorenzo passed me I was sat behind him; I went into the turn and boom, I lost the front. I couldn't understand but I picked up the bike and restarted the race slowly, because I couldn't know what I did wrong - if it was the line, the track or the tyre.

"Then I started to increase the pace and I was riding well, but again the same [crash] with I don't know how many laps to go.

"We checked the data and it says the same, I was not pushing on the limit and I have the same fall. After the second crash I clearly understood that I did nothing wrong," added Pedrosa, a winner at Sepang in 2012 and 2013.

"It's very strange and something must have went wrong and that's it unfortunately. I say sorry to my team because we had a super chance to win the race."

Pedrosa said change in the track characteristics may have been to blame but nonetheless remains perplexed.

"Maybe the track was different but normally I have a good feeling and I can feel when I'm on the limit, so you go a little bit more slow, but this time everything was nice," he said.

"Sure, the track might count because the lap times in the race were much slower than practice and also in the practice I never had any issue but in the race, two times."


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I really do get fed up with the usual muppets on here sprouting their conspiracy theories.
Honda want total domination which means they want a Repsol 1,2.
Anyone who thinks that Honda are is some way giving Dani a second-rate bike are deluded. The team will be aiming to provide him with just as good kit as Marquez.