Broc Parkes felt that Sunday's Malaysian MotoGP was one of the toughest races of his career.

The Australian is still feeling the effects of his high-speed crash in Philip Island and a lack of strength in his shoulder left him struggling in Sepang, where riders have to spend so much energy in heavy braking.

Parkes admitted that the pain and lack of strength was so severe that he thought at one point about retiring from the race, but with so many crashes his decision to finish the 20 lap race saw him rewarded with two points for 14th.

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"I struggled a lot more than I expected to because of my fitness but I'm still not getting on with this bike to be honest," said Parkes. "My right shoulder meant that I couldn't go late on the brakes and there was times in the race that I didn't think that I could keep going, but I know that with so many people crashing out that there might be an opportunity for a point or two. I kept going but the pace that I had my shoulder just wasn't good. I had to ride my own race and saw so many riders going out."

Having struggled with chatter throughout the season his shoulder injury also exacerbated the problems that he's had with his PBM chassis all season.

The style of riding a MotoGP bike places so much strain through the upper body with the shoulders taking the full force of braking and starting the turn-in for corning for riders and as Parkes explains with his injury it was harder and harder to ride competitively:

"I still struggle so much with this bike with the chatter and having no feeling on the front and on the brakes. If I can't have that then I can't turn the bike but maybe some of that also came from my shoulder.

"With these bikes if you can't plant the front wheel and put the weight over the front and go hard on the brakes you don't have a chance. Honestly I was just happy to finish and to score two points was a big bonus for me. Myself, Michael and di Meglio are now all on nine points so I guess at Valencia we'll have to get a bit serious!"

Overall for Parkes the season has been a struggle and the injuries to finish the campaign have left him struggling at Philip Island and Sepang. However on the balance of the season he has felt that the risk of coming to MotoGP was warranted and that he has learned a lot over the course of the season that he hopes will stand him in good stead for next year and a return to Superbikes:

"Unfortunately getting injured at Philip Island has hindered me now at the end of the year. The last two races I had been hoping to have a good race at my home race but Valencia is also pretty close to home. I've learned a lot from my experience in GP this year and I know that you can't come here half-hearted because the competition is so stiff.

"I think that it's been good but I always wish that we had a little bit better machinery because I don't think that even Paul realised that the competition would be so stiff this year. My competition this year has been Michael, di Meglio, Barbera and Petrucci and at some races I've been stronger but the last couple with my injuries I've fallen behind a little bit. Overall though it's been a good experience and hopefully I can take it on for the future in Superbikes."