Nicky Hayden closed out an injury interrupted 2014 MotoGP season with a 13th place in difficult conditions at Valencia on Sunday.

The American admitted after the 30 lap affair was a major challenge, with rain falling in spots throughout the race but never hard enough to cause riders to stop to change tyres.

The final sector of the lap was the worst section with the last corner very wet with Hayden saying that corner was very slick and easy to make a mistake in. With the rest of the track dry however there was little option but to continue on the slick tyres.

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"On the last corner was really wet and it was slick there. The other parts of the track we started with the tyres hot and truthfully I probably slowed down too much," said Hayden. "There was some corners, the last corner and turn eight, where you couldn't trail brake into it but at the rest the track stayed pretty grippy so it was just about how brave you wanted to be."

When pressed on how much of a challenge it was in the conditions Hayden pointed out that all of a riders senses were telling him that it was too wet for slicks-the tinted visor making the conditions darker, the wet surface at the last corner and the dampness in the air-but there was still no option but to remain out on track:

"I like flag to flag races so I thought that it would have been fun to have had to change bikes because it wasn't a lot of fun riding slicks in the wet and when you came around to the end of the lap you could smell the water but you couldn't really see it. You just didn't know how wet the track was when you came over the hill and into the last corner but I guess it's exciting too."

With Jorge Lorenzo and Andrea Iannone both opting to pit for wet tyres Hayden could somewhat understand their tentative approach but when asked if he felt at any point whether he needed to pit the American said:

"I never thought about coming in because the track never got that wet. On my shield I had to rip off my tear offs, because the tear-offs can give you a bad perception of the rain, but the last corner of the track was the only part that was really wet. All of the forecasts that we saw said that it would only be drops of rain and if the forecast had said that it would rain hard, like in Aragon, I would have probably stopped."

Hayden will make his debut on the upgraded RC213V-RS Open Honda during this week's post-race test.