It would not be a surprise to see Alex Marquez one day riding in MotoGP with older brother Marc, but few expected it to happen on Monday at Valencia!

Alex was rewarded for winning Honda's first Moto3 title with the chance to try his brother's RC213V, with reigning double champion Marc taking to the track alongside him.

The pair rode together for twelve laps, Marc initially leading before allowing Alex in front - Valentino Rossi also getting in the mix for good measure at one stage.

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"It was a wonderful experience riding with Alex and following him around the track!" said Marc. "Sometimes it got a bit too much for him to take in, which is normal because it was his first laps on a MotoGP bike.

"I really enjoyed myself, but also had a bit of trouble going behind him because sometimes he went a little wide. Overall, he did very well.

"Coming from Moto3 and completing some laps on a MotoGP bike is difficult and he surprised us with how well he adapted. Alex enjoyed this experience; we'll see if in the future we can repeat it!"

Alex added: "I am very happy to have tried the MotoGP bike. Yesterday I fulfilled a dream that I had, and today I fulfilled another. It's not every day you can try a bike like this! I want to thank Honda and especially Shuhei Nakamoto for this opportunity that they have given me. It is a great gift after becoming Moto3 World Champion.

"What impressed me the most was the power that the bike has. The feeling you get when you're on the straight is incredible and braking is amazing too, plus the time between corners is greatly reduced. At first I was a little stiff on the bike, but I think I held up well. It was a lot of fun and I ended up a little tired!"

During the 'exhibition', Marc set a lap time 5.2s behind test pace setter Jorge Lorenzo and Alex 5.6s.

21-year-old Marc, who had been given the day off by Honda, will be back for some serious testing on Tuesday while 18-year-old Alex will move to the Moto2 class in 2015.