New MotoGP rookie Maverick Vi?ales could barely hide his delight after his first day testing aboard the new Suzuki GSX-RR machine at Valencia.

Vi?ales ended Monday afternoon 17th fastest, 2.2 seconds down on the fastest time of the day and just nine tenths of a second behind his more experienced team-mate Aleix Espargaro.

Indeed, the 19-year old was the fastest of the class rookies just one day after falling heavily in his final Moto2 race.

When asked to give his impressions on his first lap aboard the all-new Suzuki GSX-RR he said, "Amazing! On the first lap I go to the first corner and the brakes feel amazing. It feels quite different to before.

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"In the corners I feel good. I think the most different thing [to Moto2] is the brakes and the power. In the corner the bike is more fast so we need to work more and maintain the bike. For sure the chassis is really good. I can brake really hard and turn good. I just need to be more clever with the gas. So, for now, I need to find the limit."

Vi?ales revealed that he spent the day riding without electronic aides - bar wheelie control - in a bid to get to grips with the increased power of the Suzuki. When it came to adapting to Bridgestone's grippy front tyre the Spaniard felt comfortable.

"They feel good, a lot of grip. You can go [into the corner] full brakes. It's quite different to Moto2. Moto2 you need to be more careful but with this bike I can be really strong on the brakes."

While Espargaro feels that his riding position needs altering the shorter Vi?ales feels the nimble, compact Suzuki is perfectly suited to his jockey-like frame.

"For me it's perfect. I'm small. The Moto2 is wider and at the moment with my position on the bike I feel perfect. The position is so good and I feel so good on the front. It is under control and feel good [pushing] on it. [The riding position] is like Moto2. I only change the line a little bit but that's it."

Vi?ales survived a brief excursion into the gravel at turn one midway through the afternoon but managed to avoid crashing, as he did the day before. According to the 19-year old the mistake came as he adjusted to the Suzuki's extra power.

"In the middle of the straight I made a wheelie, he smiled. "[The power] is amazing!"


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biaggi: I have strong feeling that he will beat the Ducati's next year[\blockquote]
You’ve got that strong feeling? Probably a urinary tract infection from taking the p1ss too much.
Suzuki beat the Ducati? Seriously? Take a good look at the timings. The 2014 Ducati is blowing the 2015 Suzuki into the weeds. What will the 2015 Ducati do?
The Suzuki is going to struggle to match the customer Honda next year.
Buckle your seatbelt Dorothy coz Mr. Suzuki is about to go bye bye.