Andrea Dovizioso finished the season in a positive frame of mind, stating that he and the Ducati factory team can be proud of their performance in the 2014 MotoGP class.

The Italian ended the season with a battling top four finish, 2.7 seconds from the podium, having stood on the rostrum twice this season to cement fifth place in the final championship standings.

When asked how he would rate his season out of ten he said, "If I see my season from what we did last year and what we get this year and how we manage the season I think nine. With the bike we had last year and the level we manage this year I think we have to be really happy. We are not so far now from the podium. We saw that if we make a step up from that I think we will be very close."

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Dovizioso had limited technical options to test on Monday afternoon and, knowing that Ducati's all-new GP15 won't be ready until Sepang in February, was content to limit the testing to one day.

"Today [Monday] we tested something with the map and electronics," he said. "To try and organise the electronics is good. We didn't really have something special to try. We have a few things to try but tomorrow will be no testing because there is no reason to just run.

"We have to wait to get the new bike next year. It will be in Sepang. I'm so excited to try because I really believe in this project. But you never know because you never know it the level so I think we can make a really good winter. We have to be excited about this season and I hope this is only the start for the future.

"There is no reason [to continue testing], especially when you have a new project for next year. The base will be different, the engine [too]. It's a big difference. In any case I don't agree that you just do riding."

When asked where he believes the Ducati needs to improve most Dovizioso was unequivocal. "The most important thing is the turning. I believe it is our biggest limit. I believe that when you don't have a bike that can turn in a normal way then in other ways you have the big limits. But this is two years that I always say the same."

The Factory Ducati team will take part in one last (private) test at the end of November before the winter break.


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grantrd: Dalligna's last motogp bike was the RS3 cube.......enough said about that........[\blockquote]
Sorry to rain on your parade but you should get your facts right.
GiGi was not involved with the design & launch of the Cube in 2002. At the time he was involved with the 125 & 250 two-stroke projects ... both notable successes, dominating both classes.
He started working on the Cube in 2003 with Colin Edwards and Noriyuki Haga & very quickly (& publically) proclaimed that the bike was fundamentally flawed and the engine design all wrong. He was ultimately proved correct.
Moving on he headed the RSV4 project which has secured the WSB title three times since 2010.
Sounds like a great track record and a highly competent guy to me.