Suzuki's return to MotoGP last weekend saw the team suffer numerous reliability issues, culminating in wild-card Randy de Puniet retiring from Sunday's season-closing race with a gearbox problem.

Top speed was also a concern during the Valencia weekend and Suzuki project leader, Satoru Terada, admitted on Tuesday at the Valencia test that the team had detuned the engine to try and aid reliability.

"We wanted to come racing and we made several improvements over the race weekend," said Terada. "Our MotoGP engine already has good durability on the dyno but unfortunately this weekend we found some problems on track. When we fix these problems we will get more speed and more power. We know what happened in the engine but unfortunately we don't have the time to fix it, but it will be fixed by Sepang [test in February]. Basically I believe the potential of our bike isn't too bad already."

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Team co-ordinator Davide Brivio commented on the team's progress during the last year of testing with the GSX-RR and contribution made by development rider de Puniet.

"We spent a lot of time testing in the last year with de Puniet," said Brivio. "We think that he did a very good job because of the fact that we have arrived here with a bike that is not so bad. Suzuki decided to come back into MotoGP for 2015 but we wanted to race as soon as possible and the first opportunity was to come here as a wild-card in order to understand our level and to pick up information.

"It was a very good decision because in the race you learn a lot and you see the level of our competitors, during testing you can only guess. We also wanted to reward Randy with a gift for his final step of development with us and we wanted to thank him with this race."

While de Puniet will move to Crescent Suzuki in WSBK next year, Suzuki will field a strong rider pairing of Aleix Espargaro and Maverick Vinales for its comeback grand prix season. Both made their GSX-RR debuts during testing on Monday, with Brivio keen to get as much running as possible ahead of next year's Qatar season opener.

"Yesterday we really started our job with Aleix Espargaro and Maverick Vinales and it was a good starting day. Our target for coming here was to get information so that we can use it next four months before the season starts to be as well prepared as possible. The first race isn't the end of the world, this is a medium term project and we won't be ready 100% by the first race but we'll continue the job of any competitor during the season."

While rookie Vinales has no references points to compare the Suzuki with, Espargaro has prior experience of Ducati, Open Aprilia and Forward Yamaha machinery.

After his first day on the Suzuki, Espargaro said: "The frame is fantastic and the electronics are better. The front is turning a lot and the bike is a lot smaller, more than last year's bike [Forward Yamaha]. And the weight too. I think this bike will be around ten kilos less than last year so it is really easy to move, really easy to change direction. Also the position is really different.

"I find it really easy to turn the bike and also my riding style last year and the year on the Superbike was more or less the same. But today it was really different. I can lean more and [put] my body more outside the bike. This is really good. We can do a lot more speed than what we did in the corners because, like I say, the frame is fantastic."