Eugene Laverty got his first taste of the wet weather Bridgestone MotoGP tyres on Tuesday's second day of testing at Valencia.

After making his Aspar Honda debut with slicks on Monday afternoon, Tuesday was wet throughout. Laverty admitted to some close early moments before adapting to the rain rubber.

"The first lap was interesting," said Laverty. "I think that Cal Crutchlow got caught out and I was nearly the same. It felt like somebody had polished the tyre so it took a few laps for me to scrub it in so that I could get it leaned over. It was difficult in the beginning because I knew that I had to get temperature into the tyre but every time that I leaned over the bike was moving so it was a little bit difficult on the first few laps."

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Comparing the Bridgestone tyre to the Pirelli wet tyre used in WSBK, Laverty added: "The tyre is very different to the WSBK wet tyre and the lean angle that we can use is much more. I only did a few exits but I started to get a bit more feeling and we need to work a little bit with the electronics but in terms of the tyres the grip level was high, especially on corner entry and the contact with the rear was really nice."

The transition from WSBK to MotoGP has caused difficulties for numerous riders over the last ten years. Laverty commented that the biggest difference between the bikes was down to the sheer size of a WSBK machine and that the tyres are quite different to what he's been used to riding in the past.

However, Laverty feels that his natural riding style should suit a MotoGP bike once he gets himself dialled in to the Open Honda machine.

"They're very different bikes, mostly in terms of the size because this feels like a little toy compared to what I'm used to. The fuel tank is small so it allows me to move around a little bit more and yesterday in the dry I touched down both elbows so I knew that it was a lot smaller than what I was used to. I think that I still have to learn the correct way to ride it because it's so different.

"In terms of the tyres everyone talks about the front tyre but it's not a big difference for me, the rear tyre is the biggest difference. If you spin the rear tyre it will turn the bike whereas what I've been used to before if you spin the tyre you were going slowly.

"At the moment I need to work on the electronics to help me ride the bike in the way that I've known. I like to pick the bike up on the exit and spin the bike to turn it but right now I'm not able to do that with these electronics and I need some help to do that. We need to work on improving that feeling but my natural style is like that so hopefully I won't have to adjust too much to suit that."

Laverty finished the day tenth out of the ten riders to record a lap time, his best being 4.4s from pace setter Danilo Petrucci. Laverty is still riding this year's RCV1000R for his debut test, rather than the RC213V-RS he will race in 2015.

One further day of testing remains at Valencia, on Wednesday, when conditions are forecast to improve.