Cal Crutchlow suffered a massive fall on the final day of his Honda MotoGP debut - but still returned to set his fastest lap of the Valencia test!

The Englishman believes he broke his thumb and cracked his knees in the incident, which he described as the second biggest of his career.

It occurred after Crutchlow clipped a puddle on the inside of the fast first turn with his knee, throwing water onto the rear tyre. Yet he still managed to ride his RC213V back to the pits, then went back out to set his best lap and claim eighth on the timesheets.

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Soon after the session, Crutchlow said: "I crashed at turn one and I nearly landed at turn two - it was that big! Like an idiot I went into turn one and I was pushing to gain some time.

"It was my second lap with the new tyre. The first lap I scrubbed it in. I turned in so tight - I put my knee in a massive puddle [on the inside of the kerb] at turn one and it went on the back tyre, so I highsided when I got on the throttle."

Crutchlow was in visible discomfort after the session, with his hand and both knees taking the brunt of the impact.

"I definitely have a broken thumb and they think two cracked knees. I was dazed and I didn't get up fast. I rode the bike back but they don't classify that as a crash.

"That was serious. I would say after my Texas crash, the biggest one that I've had. I was really pleased to go back out. There was only an hour and fifteen left when I crashed and I went faster immediately so I'm pleased with that."

Aside from the spill, Crutchlow was pleased with his improved feeling with his new machine.

The 29-year old's final time from Wednesday afternoon - a 1m 31.774secs lap - was eight tenths of a second off Marc Marquez's fastest time from the three-day test. Considering his time was set on worn tyres, Crutchlow was content with where he placed on the timesheets.

"I never benefited very well in the lap time but I did the same time with 25 laps on the tyre as what I did with four laps on the tyre. It's just about feeling comfortable. I'm getting on well with the Honda and the way that we're working.

"We played a lot more today [with settings]. We were just doing too many things with the bike but I was consistent. I know where I need to gain time and was trying different maps, different engine braking stuff. To put the lap together was quite difficult but I felt comfortable. I'm not worrying about the position or the lap time at all."

With the next official MotoGP test not until next February, Crutchlow will head for surgery this Friday to have a metal plate removed from his collarbone and 'clean up' some arthritis in the joint. He will also get his hand and knees checked.