Jorge Martinez 'Aspar' is determined to make history for Indian manufacturer Mahindra, by putting them on the top step of the grand prix podium.

After four seasons running its own official team in the 125/Moto3 class, and supplying an increasing number of customers, Mahindra is concentrating entirely on developing its MP30 racer for 2015.

Coinciding with that switch is a new partnership with the multi-title winning Aspar team, which will now become Mahindra's factory team.

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Mahindra took a best yet three podiums this season, but its leading riders - Miguel Oliveira and Brad Binder - were only tenth and eleventh in the Honda and KTM dominated final standings.

The Aspar team arrives at Mahindra after a forgettable Moto3 season, in which lone rider Juanfran Guevara was the top Kalex KTM, but just 17th overall. Guevara and new signings Francesco Bagnaia and Jorge Martin will race for the new Aspar Mahindra partnership in 2015.

"I think this collaboration is a success for both parties, because technically we are a highly experienced racing team in the World Championship who have produced great champions, and Mahindra are now getting behind us to use that experience on track," said Aspar. "They are fully involved to make a competitive bike and we will assist them with our technical knowledge and our riders.

"The most important thing here is joining forces," he continued. "As I mentioned, we are a team of experts on the technical side, in rider training and in the structuring of work at both Grands Prix and outside. Mahindra will focus on building a fully competitive bike, so the agreement covers everything, both in the World Junior series to the Moto3 World Championship.

"I'm excited, I have high hopes for this new project that completely unites us with Mahindra.

"From now until the end of February is when the design of the bike for 2015 is being finished, and it is in these moments when you have to squeeze the maximum performance out of all aspects of the bike. Being a factory team means this: Having a structure behind you to develop a bike through your requests and feedback."

Having made its Mahindra debut during post-season testing, Aspar described the Suter built bike as follows:

"All our riders have commented that it has a very complete chassis. They liked it a lot in all its aspects: When entering corners, braking, accelerating and also in terms of stability.

"On the other hand, the engine is increasingly competitive and is already adapting to the regulations for next year, when there will be a 13,500 [rather than 14,000] rev limit. The Mahindra is showing high potential.

"The results and the first feelings have exceeded our expectations. But we must keep our feet on the ground and keep working to evolve. We cannot rest for a second; the 2015 season is very important both for the Mapfre Aspar Team and for Mahindra.

"We want to show Mahindra that we are a winning team, and I'm sure that they want the same thing, that this union reaches the top. We have work to do, but we are going in the right direction."

Aspar, which raced in all three grand prix classes this season, is closing its Moto2 team for 2015.