Dani Pedrosa laid down a marker at Sepang with a hugely impressive 20-lap race simulation on the Repsol Honda on the final day of the test in Malaysia.

Pedrosa set his best lap of 1m 59.006s in the morning, which was only 0.139s behind team-mate Marc Marquez, who ended the test with the fastest lap ever witnessed at Sepang in 1m 58.867s.

However, Pedrosa's race simulation was stronger than Marquez's, with the Spaniard rattling off a succession of 2m 00s laps to earn the plaudits for the quickest run over a race distance.

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Pedrosa set ten laps under 2m 1s during the simulation, compared with five for Marquez and Lorenzo, and two for Rossi. Pedrosa's average lap time during the long run was 2m 0.996s, which compares with 2m 1.116s for Lorenzo, 2m 1.180s for Marquez and 2m 2.110s for Rossi (excluding his two very slow laps).

"I didn't know what to expect [in race simulation] so I just went out and tried to do a good rhythm," said Pedrosa.

"I think obviously the laps were quite good, but I just tried to get the feeling of the bike and after six or seven laps I understood more or less what the bike was and then I kept going to my signals.

"Obviously I need to work more on the quick laps to try not to be [on the] second row and trying not to lose in the end [of a race].

"I'm happy overall with the test, but still [there are] things to improve and things to be fixed better but in general I've had a good experience in this test and with this team," he added.

In response to a question on whether he was disappointed to not to match Marquez's 1m 58s lap, Pedrosa said: "I knew I could, I just had a big moment and lost a little but anyway I was surprised to finish that lap in 1m 59.0 flat but so impressed with how quick we went; it's a race tyre but anyway it is very good."

After encountering some issues with the 2015 bike at the Valencia test in November, Pedrosa said it was 'important' that Honda ended the Sepang test in a strong position.

"For Honda it is very important to finish this test in a positive way because for Malaysia we had to do some more bigger changes and now we have a clear idea of the way to go and where to improve," he said.

"At the next test I think we will spend more time fine-tuning the detail about the suspension and chassis and also about the mapping etc.

"The bike had some problems in Valencia and we couldn't really understand it well; we lost one day with the rain, so we couldn't work very much but we could get some feeling to arrive here with different options and that's why we had so many bikes," he added. "At the end Marc and I confirmed that the changes were in a better variation.

"The engine is the same from Valencia. The bike has some areas for potential, but overall, settings-wise, it's not like it was when we finished last season, so we have to start working more with the suspension and also more to make sure we have a good base setting for all the races," said Pedrosa.

"Here we are only riding one type of tyre with quite good grip because there has been no rain so we have to also go more deep into these different situations."

Pedrosa Race Simulation lap times: