The Circuit of Wales has sent the following statement to, in response to Donington Park's announcement that it will not host the 2015 British MotoGP.

Upon announcing the end of its partnership with the Circuit of Wales, Donington claimed that the company had, "been unable to complete their agreement with DPRL [Donington Park], nor meet long-planned payment deadlines, in order to set in motion the operation of the 2015 British Motorcycle Grand Prix."

However the Circuit of Wales - which has a long-term deal with Dorna to promote the British round but is yet begun construction of its own track - insists that funding is in place and that the lack of a 'signed contractual agreement' sunk the Donington collaboration.

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The full statement is as follows: "The Circuit of Wales is disappointed to have been unable to reach a contractual agreement with Donington Park Racing Limited (DPRL) to host the British round of the 2015 Motorcycle Grand Prix World Championship.

"After initially agreeing Heads of Terms with the board of DPRL in September 2014, both parties were subsequently unable to agree further terms to form a legal contract. Contrary to claims by DPRL that the Circuit of Wales is unable to meet the funding arrangements, we are unwilling to provide the significant funding that DPRL required for the necessary track upgrades to host the British Grand Prix without a signed contractual agreement. We have all of the funding necessary in place to promote and host the 2015 race in the UK. All funding for the flagship Circuit of Wales regeneration development in Blaenau Gwent is on track with works due to start later this year following the outcome of the public inquiry in March.

"The Circuit of Wales will continue to promote the British round of the FIM MotoGP World Championship and is fully committed to delivering the event later this year."

Silverstone - which lost the MotoGP contract to the Circuit of Wales - would appear to be the only alternative venue for this year's British race.


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has anything but talk happened at COW why are we calling it COW? oh wait COW does work ! they eat grass and live on fields with nothing on them but grass ! excuse me I'm sorry that's not grass and stones it's Circuit of Wales !I see it now MO GP Dorna and Cows all together for the 2015 MO GP at COW.! no at COW it's Moo GP ! Dorna 's real plan was to entice lots of cows there and make a Spanish sausage plant there .REALLY a bummer for all to loose a GP Shame on Dorna ! I understand the agony for all the fans I agonized like Hell when we lost Laguna Seca as with Ya'll in the UK it was and is always the Event that you lost! that 3 day weekend that was always so grand to remember and to experience .as with most of the races that leave us MONEY is the reason