Jorge Lorenzo overcame his bout of bronchitis to secure a front row start on the Movistar Yamaha, although the double MotoGP world champion expects a much more difficult challenge on Sunday in the Austin MotoGP.

Lorenzo is taking a course of antibiotics and is not yet feeling back to full health, pointing out that he could muster a huge effort for one flying lap but suggesting he may find the going tough over a race distance in Texas on Sunday.

"For one lap it was not so bad, I could give a maximum effort to ride this lap time. I was really satisfied with this time and position, I didn't expect to make the top five," Lorenzo said.

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"Let's see what the weather is like tomorrow. Personally I prefer a dry race, but a wet race would be better for my physical condition.

"I am very happy that the Yamaha is becoming better in this track. We didn't have a lot of time, so we don't exactly know what our pace is like.

"I feel so-so at the moment. The antibiotics are doing their job, but I need to be in a perfect condition for tomorrow."

Lorenzo was pleased with the improvements to his M1, which enabled him to be strong on 'many corners' compared to his limits on Friday.

"We improved on so many corners compared to yesterday and today the track was really good in the qualifying, a lot of grip, so you could push a lot in most of the corners," he said.

"I am reasonably satisfied with the lap time because our position is good and if all the riders [used] the same tyre our position would be second place, but anyway first row is good and tomorrow let's see how is the weather."