Scott Redding was surprised by Pol Espargaro's reaction to their opening lap accident at last Sunday's Americas MotoGP.

Espargaro was left fuming after being taken down by Redding in Texas, later berating the Englishman on Twitter for not apologising.

"In my opinion it was a racing incident," Redding said on Thursday. "I was surprised that Pol crashed with me because in that type of corner to be on the outside is quite risky. I don't know what happened to him, if he released the brakes, but we both crashed.

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"I went in a little bit hot but the biggest problem was that Lorenzo was in front and he had very slow mid-corner speed. He had that in Turn 1 as well, that's why I hit him there.

"Initially I thought that I had hit Lorenzo [at Turn 11] because we were so close and because the front went so hard, but it was just the front locking. He caught me out because he stopped early to get a good exit and I was coming in hot and then I couldn't release the brakes.

"It's shit when you take someone out with you and I know how it feels to crash when it's not your fault but when he started to give me grief on Twitter about not apologising I didn't understand it. I didn't T-bone him or anything, I tried to make a move and he was on the outside of me.

"I was just trying to get past Lorenzo as quickly as possible because I was confident that I could go with the group in the beginning."

Looking ahead to this weekend's event in Argentina, Redding - who has made recent progress with the handling of his Marc VDS Honda by increasing the stiffness of the front suspension - declared:

"We have the [new] extra hard tyre so we'll need to see how that'll work. We need to see what the track conditions are like as well and hopefully it's better than last year. We need to see what comes and try and get into a similar position to last year."

Redding qualified 13th on an Open Honda last season, but fell from 14th last in the race.