Carmelo Ezpeleta has outlined the main points of Dorna's next contract with the MotoGP manufacturers and private teams.

Spanning 2017 to 2021, Ezpeleta told that the contract contains the following proposals, which will now be studied by the other parties:

o All technical rules will be fixed from 2017-2021 with no changes unless everyone agrees.

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o The six confirmed manufacturers will enter two factory bikes and "be paid a certain amount of money" by Dorna. Each manufacturer will also have an "obligation" to lease another two to four bikes to private (satellite) teams.

o Dorna will pay almost the entire cost of leasing these satellite bikes to the private teams, for an agreed maximum price. This will provide the teams with greater financial security. "In total we will put almost 30% more money into the grid than today."

o No new teams will be accepted, unless a team leaves, with a maximum of 24 riders. That would work out as an average of four bikes (two factory, plus two satellite) from each of the six manufacturers. "Every private team will have the right to lease a satellite bike from the manufacturers."

o The maximum number of races will be no more than 20 (currently it is 18). The new race in Austria is confirmed for next year. Dorna are still talking with Thailand and another unnamed SE Asian country.

Honda, Yamaha, Ducati, Suzuki and Aprilia already compete in MotoGP, with KTM making its debut in 2017.

A single ECU system will become mandatory from 2016, when the championship will replace the Factory and Open class with one set of technical rules, albeit with concessions continuing for manufacturers that do not claim a podium finish.