Nicky Hayden was left to rue a mistake on the brakes at the final corner in the Argentina MotoGP, which ultimately cost the American rider a points finish.

Hayden finished in 16th position after running as high as 12th until he ran wide on the brakes at the final corner on the Power Electronics Aspar Honda.

The 2006 world champion, who started from 20th place on the grid, was finding it hard to slow the RC213V-RS at the end of the back straight in the early stages but began to make up ground as the race progressed.

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"Today I had a very hard race; my start was bad and on the early laps I was not riding well. Thankfully, afterwards I felt comfortable and I was able to climb several positions," Hayden said.

"But while I was riding a little faster than the other riders around me, I could not leave them behind. At first, with a full tank, I found it really hard to slow the bike down on the back straight, and that cost me several positions.

"As the race progressed I was riding with more confidence and I could position myself well," he added.

"On the last lap I managed my best time in the second sector and greatly reduced the difference to the group that was battling to be the top Open rider.

"I even got up to 12th, but on the last corner I braked too hard and went wide, which cost me some positions. It's frustrating to finish a race like that after we had done a good job, plus the team had worked so hard this weekend."

Eugene Laverty finished one place behind Hayden and although he was baffled by the lack of rear grip he experienced in the race, the 28-year-old was upbeat overall after qualifying in 14th place.

"We've done a great job this weekend, probably the best since I've been in MotoGP. In contrast, today I completely lost rear grip and I was not able to continue performing at my best," Laverty said.

"The other riders who were going round with me had much more grip when cornering, and the behaviour of our bike had changed a lot compared to practice. We went with the harder tyre compound, which we had been testing throughout the weekend.

"Everyone today was slower, but our times were significantly slower. I don't know why, but today we suffered a lot from a lack of grip."

Laverty was also thwarted by suspension issues and revealed he also crashed in the first part of the race.

"The suspension didn't work the same way as previously during the weekend either. At the beginning of the race the bike slid out a lot and I almost crashed, I lost some time and I realised that something was not working properly," he said.

"It's a shame, after the great work we'd done this weekend I was convinced we would get a better result."