During a media event in Barcelona, MotoGP champion Marc Marquez expanded slightly on his carefully worded comments after clashing with Valentino Rossi on the penultimate lap in Argentina.

The incident, which occurred moments after Marquez had lost the lead to Rossi, saw the Repsol Honda star clip the Italian's rear wheel and fall, leaving Rossi to claim his second win in three events.

"After viewing the race several times, I still stand by what I said in Argentina," the official MotoGP website quotes Marquez as saying. "These things happen in racing, and you have to learn from it, and I am still young, so I have a lot of lessons to learn."

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One lesson had been the extra-hard rear tyre used by Rossi, the others "I will keep to myself."

Regarding the incident itself, Rossi felt Marquez made a mistake, while the Spaniard's only reference to the contact immediately after the race was to say "you saw on the video what happened."

In Spain, Marquez went a little further, ruling out any ill-intention by either rider.

"I am convinced that there was zero intention on my part or Rossi's to cause the accident," he said. "I have always said that Rossi is my idol, and a benchmark for us all. I have learned a lot from him over the years, and I am still learning. Everything makes you better, even this crash."

Marquez added: "We are both okay with each other. We are two riders who know how to differentiate between life on and off the track. On track, everyone is looking out for their own interests, so I hope that does not change our relationship."

All of which means that Marquez is now 30-points behind Rossi, having fought back from last to fifth in the Qatar season-opener before winning in Texas and crashing in Argentina.

"There are lots of things that make me feel very optimistic. For one, I could have won all three races so far," he declared.

"If I had not made the mistake at the first corner in Qatar, I think I would have been on the podium guaranteed. I won in Austin, and if I did not fall in Argentina, we would have finished second. So we are in good shape for the rest of the season, and we have done a good job so far.

"Secondly, in 2013 after the first six races, Dani was leading the standings, Jorge was second and I was third, 30 points behind Dani, and I still went on to win the title."

Round four will be the first of Marquez's home events, at Jerez.


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Nothing wrong with giving an opinion. At least we share the same view I wonder if Bridgestone comes with the extra hard tyre for Mugello although tyre wear is a lot less when there are warm temperatures that is it has some very high speed corners. It's almost bad Bridgestone will quit at the end of the season, I can't see Michelin achieving the same quality as Bridgestone has so far. Let's hope 2016 won't be a huge set back

P.s Dear Crash.net get rid of those maximum amount of characters to be used in a message

@The46fan before Lorenzo and Marquez clashed in Jerez wasn't there a small incident ( bumping in to each other ) previous to that race? After that incident in Jerez, Marc again had a statement like this I've learned from this. That he had learned about the clash. What wonders me the most is the way Marquez tried to overtake Rossi from the outside whilst riding to a left hander. He never could make that corner as that he could never win the race in a normal way surely not with the pace Rossi had.

Although this is getting too much coverage ( where is the article of Melandri switching to WSBK on a Yamaha R1 for 2016? ) comparing Dani or Jorge to Rossi for the upcoming tracks is just being too positive. Jerez, Le Mans, Barcelona, Mugello, Assen these are all tracks Rossi or Yamaha goes well so in my opinion Marc is too optimistic about himself. The thing about Marc is that when under pressure he makes mistakes. His hunger for wins is at the moment too big ( settle for the maximum points you can get ) and when riding against Rossi this is a disadvantage. The amount of ground Rossi recovered in Qatar ( 10th to 1st ) and in Argentina is impressive ( 8th to 1st ) the strong points of the Honda run away no direct battles, the Honda's are really suffering, although Marc has an agressive riding style his near off's are way more than Rossi. Rossi rides so clean and smooth and he has a better pace and VR's camp saying we don't care about Marc could be the right mindset. Marc needs front ro

Marc has learned how to win championships. Now he has to learn how not to lose them.