A bad rear tyre hindered Cal Crutchlow's progress in Friday afternoon's FP2 session at Jerez and he later admitted he is wary of Ducati and Suzuki's qualifying potential on Saturday.

Crutchlow finished third in the morning session before slipping to seventh overall in the afternoon thanks to increased track temperatures.

The 29-year old also believes Saturday's Q2 session will be a 'shit fight' as Jerez's track layout seems suited to the softer tyre available to the Ducati and Suzuki runners.

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"What we're going to have a shit fight with is qualifying," he said on Friday evening. "Because the super soft on them lefts [could] really do some damage. They could lock out the front row. They really could because the Suzuki doesn't need the power [at Jerez].

Here's so tight and twisty. If you make a mistake it's carnage. The track's not wide. If you run out you've lost a lot of time. If they are running the same tyre as us or one stage softer then it's going to be impossible."

Only four riders from the top fifteen improved their times in FP2 after track temperatures rose some five or six degrees. A bad rear tyre along with the diminished grip was the reason Crutchlow didn't set a better time towards the end of the 45 minutes.

"From the morning to the afternoon was a big shit," said the Coventry rider. "There's a big difference. That's why we're not too worried at the moment. I also had a really bad tyre at the end of the session today. We all seem to be getting one tyre per weekend that's shit.

At the start of the session we used the used tyre from this morning and the pace was good. I was happy with that. I put the hard tyre in and it was a disaster. We couldn't take anything from this afternoon's session other than the first run to be honest.

It's hot out there. The track temperature is hot. It's not bad on the bike but it's so difficult round here, especially with the Honda. The straights aren't straights. You're swerving down the straights to stop the bike wheeling. It's difficult to race at on the Honda but we worked through some things we wanted to work through. The things we tested back to back, we couldn't because of the tyre."