Bradley Smith ended a difficult first day in Jerez with the 16th fastest time but he remains hopeful overnight changes will allow him to push the MotoGP top ten in FP3.

Experimentation with both bikes on Friday morning and afternoon meant Smith was unable to string more than three or four laps together. Nevertheless, from the information he gathered he is confident that the softer option rear tyre will be the tyre of choice on Sunday.

"I think the soft is good to race," he said. "I mean it's going to move around a little bit but it grips. The hard tyre moves around but it doesn't even grip. I'd rather have a bit more movement and have grip than have a more stable bike and not do the lap times. It's clear it can do the race no problem.

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This morning we had to try two bikes then this afternoon we had to try two bikes. This morning I started on my base and then went on another one then this afternoon I started on my other one and went to my base. I was back on something I knew and something I was happier with.

It still needs a lot of work unfortunately. I think I was one of the only riders to improve this afternoon with the hotter conditions. We know we're going in the right direction. We just need to continue going there and hopefully in FP3 I can put myself in the top ten."

Because of the high track temperatures at the Andalusian track, Smith foresees two drops in tyre performance during Sunday's race, something uncommon with Bridgestone rubber.

"With 50 degree track temperature we're still doing like 1m 40s. Race pace last year ended in 41s. I think I dipped into 42s at the end of the race. It's difficult to know. There's going to be one or two drops on the tyres. It's just going to be who can manage it as well as possible."