Cal Crutchlow was pleased to finish Friday afternoon fourth overall after working on tyre durability at one of his worst circuits.

Crutchlow and his CWM Honda squad decided to spend the day using the same rear tyre in both the morning and afternoon session to adequately prepare for Sunday's 28-lap race.

"We think we knew the race tyre before we came here so we could continue with that tyre and to make sure we could keep riding on it," said Crutchlow. "The race is 28 laps. We did over 28 laps and our pace was still quite strong at the end of it.

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"I think we're on a different tyre plan to a lot of the other guys. We went with the used tyre for the whole of the second session until the end.

"Marc went with the used tyre all of the first and second session and still did his fastest lap [at the end]. I think some guys are in trouble to think they are a long way ahead of the other guys but they're not."

The 29-year old ended the afternoon session four tenths of a second off Bradley Smith but remained unfazed as he believes he still has some pace in hand ahead of qualifying.

"The ones that crashed [in FP2] were the ones that were pushing really hard to be in the top ten. They were taking risks that they didn't need to take. Brad never needed to do a 1m 33.1. I'll be interested to see if he'll do it again.

"I think there's no doubt he rode very well today. To do that lap time on a Friday is really impressive. I don't see the real need to push that hard. The top ten is a 1m 33.8. It depends on how much you're willing to take risks. Tomorrow is more for that I think. Today was to figure out our package."

Looking at the pace of the field Crutchlow pinpointed Ducati's Andrea Dovizioso as a man to watch, while he also sees Marquez as a potential challenger for a race win on Sunday.

"Dovi is really strong. This is one of his favourite tracks. He's always said that. His pace is really good. He's riding good. I don't [Lorenzo] is as fast as Dovi. I think Marc's faster than them all but not as fast as Dovi. He'll be hard to battle to win."


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So CC thinks that talking big mouth like this will win him a brighter future in HRC...think again should learn one thing or two about them...


My thoughts exactly...