Eugene Laverty is hopeful of turning a 'shit practice' into a good MotoGP race in Le Mans after suffering the opposite in 2015's previous rounds.

The Northern Irishman finished qualifying in a disappointing 21st position after two crashes on Saturday but feels he made a significant set-up change that will help with race performance.

As in Jerez, Laverty found it difficult to feel the used front tyre when a new rear was put in and crashed midway through Q1, a session in which he felt a top-15 place was realistic.

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"Maybe this time I can get to make a shit practice and a good race. Every other time we've showed potential in the practice but had a bad race. Yesterday was tough. That was as good as I could do, I couldn't do any more. We made a big change to the bike.

"This circuit is very different and the setting that we went towards on different tracks really didn't work here. I was optimistic for the day and thankfully the change was better but we didn't get to show what we were capable of."

Speaking of the two crashes that blighted his day Laverty commented, "I crashed this morning as well. It happened when we put a new rear tyre in with a used front. We went down.

"It happened in Jerez on Saturday, it was the same thing. I pushed the front and whenever we put a new rear in there is too much grip for the front. We need to learn the next time we put a new front tyre in.

"I crashed into turn four in Q1, the front was slipping all the way in. I thought it was ok and then it finally went. It was unfortunate because the bike was a lot better today than yesterday so we didn't get to show our potential."

Laverty was a frustrated 23rd at the end of Friday around a circuit at which he hadn't ridden since 2008. An overnight set-up change with helped with front turning gave him reason for optimism heading into Sunday.

"We improved the front end for the turning. Where I've been strong at every other track is when I've braked hard and pushed the front. Here the tarmac doesn't have enough grip for that. I wasn't able to get the front to hook in and turn to make the bike help me a little bit. Now the bike's turning a little better so I can make the lap time.

"Nicky was 14th. Behind him there was a gap so 15th was realistically where were we were going to be which would have been good after yesterday. I felt we capable of a mid 1m 34s there. Compared to yesterday when I was riding my ass off for 23rd it's definitely a big step."